Biological Assessment Officer – Globachem

A challenging job content
• You are part of the Product Development department that is in charge of developing new crop protection products. These products can only enter the market after approval of the registration dossier by the concerned authorities. These dossiers contain a chapter on the efficacy, also called the ‘Biological Assessment Dossier (BAD)’. Based on the results form field trials with our products in various countries, the product claims and use patterns are underpinned in a solid way.
• You are in charge of analyzing and assessing the trials and to summarize the results in order to underpin the claims on the product label. You are able to evaluate these summaries to identify possible data gaps that need to be resolved within the BAD. You assist the process of outsourcing field trials to various countries and you help answering questions from authorities arising from their evaluation of the dossier.
• You work closely with your colleagues of Product Development and registrations. You report to the head of Product Development. You are willing to help colleagues with other tasks in order to meet a certain deadline.

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