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About Group De Ceuster

Group De Ceuster (Group DC) is a family business that was founded by Herman De Ceuster in 1966.
Today, our group of companies is run by the second generation, with Tom De Ceuster as our CEO.

De Ceuster Plant Care

With our Plant Care division, we have more than 45 years of experience in developing, producing and marketing of organic and ecologic fertilizers. Over the years, our product range has been expanded to include the best potting soils, soil improvers, covering materials, grass seeds and Biorational solutions to prevent and/or treat plant diseases.

We are vertically integrated, which means that we have full responsibility on R&D, production and marketing of our products. Our R&D team is always looking for groundbreaking innovations and has already made their mark on the industry of plant care with lots of innovative products.


De Ceuster Animal Care

Our Animal Care division is specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing of animal feed concentrates, premixes, protein meals and additives for export purposes. We provide tailor-made solutions all over the world, with a strong focus on developing countries.

We take into account the availability of local raw materials, local climatic conditions, financial resources and infrastructure. In addition to selling our products, we also support our customers and distributors with technical advice.

We also specialize in providing total solutions for barn equipment, with a focus on turnkey project and renovation projects for poultry farms.

De Ceuster Biosciences

Within our Biosciences division we have our own research center Scientia Terrae. Scientia Terrae was founded in 2001 as a research, service and education institute for the benefit of the horticulture and food industry, where we collaborate with several partners from the academic world.

Thanks to this unique exchange of knowledge, experience and expertise, we succeed together in translating fundamental science into practical applications and innovative solutions.

Thanks to our plant clinic, we are the first to know about all developments in plant diseases.


Our Plant Care companies

Our Animal Care companies

Our Biosciences company

De Ceuster Values

Over the years we have had many conversations with our colleagues about the strength of our company and what distinguishes us from other companies. From these conversations, we have distilled five core qualities, which represent our way of working:

Going for great
Together we can do better. We expect everyone to come up with new ideas, be eager to learn and constantly strive to improve in their daily job.

Result driven
We keep our promises and are result oriented, our customers are our first priority.

Open minded
We adapt with an open mind to the changing organization, to other cultures and we respect other’s opinions. We try to be creative and original doing so.

United thinking
We value teamwork, collegiality and group thinking, which is in line with our motto ‘for each other, with each other, by each other’.

Passion for service
By being engaged in the company and intrinsically motivated to make our colleagues and customers happy, we radiate enthusiasm and positive energy.

What our collegues have to say

“Because Scientia Terrae positions itself at the interface between academic- and practical research, it is the best of both worlds! ”

“While studying Bioengineering with specialization in Agricultural Engineering, I found my passion for crop production.
When I spent a year for my master’s thesis researching the biological control of Phytophthora cryptogea in lettuce and chicory, it was clear to me that my future lay in the research world. For a while I hesitated between getting a PhD or moving into the working world, but then I came across Scientia Terrae.

Because Scientia Terrae positions itself at the interface between academic- and practical research, it is the best combination of both worlds. Since July 2023, I have been conducting research here on a huge problem within the cucumber sector: CGMMV. The nice thing about my job is that no two days are the same: one day I do plant research in the greenhouse, the next day I am in the lab, after which I process the results on my laptop. I also regularly give presentations to growers and companies within the sector. I regularly hear from them how relevant the research we conduct at Scientia Terrae is. I am very grateful to be able to work within such a beautiful sector and learn every day!”

Matthias Laureys

Research Associate, Scientia Terrae

“They care about the employees here. That personal approach makes us closer as a team.”

“During my Master in Biology I first came across Scientia Terrae and DCM, both companies really appealed to me. Mostly because of the organic, biological and sustainable character, a great asset for me.

My career at Scientia Terrae started in 2018. In my job, I work closely together with DCM.
Currently my focus is on the bacteriophages project, where we do research on biological control mechanisms, that can be used to counter plant diseases.

It gives me a lot of energy to be so closely involved in this kind of innovative research. For one I really enjoy my job, but even more important is that we are a close team that supports each other.

What I really like about working at Scientia Terrae is the multicultural, international aspect. Everyone within Scientia Terrae has their own expertise, which enables us to learn a lot from each other. To top this all, our employer really cares about us and this personal approach makes us even closer as a team.”

Michelle Van Dyck

Research Associate, Scientia Terrae

“It is difficult to be away from family, but working in such a great family business, in such an interesting job makes it a lot easier!”

“I started working with Group De Ceuster for my Marie Curie scholarship in 2019. I started at DCM but switched to Scientia Terrae shortly after. There I started in the plant clinic department as a Research Assistant.  After about 6 to 7 months I switched to the bacteriophages project. This year in January I became a Research Associate, of which I am very proud!

I really like how my job has evolved at Scientia Terrae. When I started, the main focus was routine analysis and now I get to focus on research and am involved in the development of new products. When I started at Scientia Terrae I always emphasized that my interest was to be involved in R&D, it is really nice that they held this into account in the evolution of my job.

The things I value most at Scientia Terrae are the integrity, the innovation, the work ethics and the respect. It’s a family company with open communication, where you get to be involved in interesting research and grow in the direction of your choice thanks to the internal mobility.

I often find it difficult to be away from my family and friends. But working at Scientia Terrae, where you are surrounded by great colleagues and get to work in such an interesting job, makes it a lot easier!”

Maria Vasseur Coronado (ES)

Research Associate, Scientia Terrae

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