Greetings party animals, welcome to the page of the Activities team! We make sure that you get to enjoy the nocturnal student life after all those hours in the auditorium. We do this by organising multiple TDs and cantusses each semester.

What’s a TD?
According to Wikipedia (translated from Dutch): “A thé dansant is an early starting dance party at which tea was served originally. In French, this is alco called an après-midi dansant or a soirée dansante. A typical starting time for a thé dansant is 4 PM, but earlier is possible. In England, these dance parties were typically held in the evening until about 11 PM. The musical accompaniment originally consisted of musette.”
This definition is slightly outdated… The tea has been replaced by beer, cocktails, mocktails… while the musette had to make place for contemporary music, brought by various DJs. TDs are the best student partier there are and they will make your time as a student unforgettable.

What’s a cantus?
According to Wikipedia (translated from Dutch): “The term cantus (the Latin word for song, plural: cantus) refers to a collegiate singing and drinking party, often organised by and for members of a certain association. The main goal of a cantus is fraternizing and with fellow students through singing and consuming alcohol together.”
This time Wikipedia hit the nail on the head! Singing songs from the codex with your fellow students and drinking beer (or water) together always makes for a great evening.
(No one is forced to drink alcohol!)

Hopefully we’ll see you at one of our events! Check the Events page regularly if you want to stay posted about all upcoming events.

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