What is LBK Education?

The Education team represents the students in different faculty councils and meetings. We give the students a voice when decisions are made about changes to the content of the course program and we address any problems with for example master courses or internships. At the level of the KU Leuven we represent the students in the student council (Stura). We collaborate constructively with the faculty and with other teams to improve the education system.

We can only fulfil this mission if we know what concerns our students have. If there is anything you would like to ask or tell the Education team, you can always contact the team at Every Monday at 8:30 PM, the Open Education Meeting takes place in Auditorium Oude Molen (De Molen 00.07) where everyone is welcome to talk about any education-related subjects. This meeting is usually helt in Dutch but if we have any items concerning international students we will make sure to have a discussion in English! 

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