Hi! Welcome to the page of IAAS Leuven.

Our members know that we love abbreviations, but don’t worry, soon you will be up-to-date! IAAS stands for International Association of students in Agricultural and related Sciences. We are active in more than 50 countries and are aimed at students who are interested in agriculture, food production and nature management. In short, bioscience engineers are a perfect addition to our team! You can find us in the super cute cabin ‘de Boshut’, right next to the Baarr.

So what do we do? The goal of IAAS is to exchange knowledge, experience and ideas between students from all over the world. We think about agriculture and food production in a modern and evolving society with new challenges. Let us explain.

Firstly, we offer internships in Belgium and internationally. Our exchange programme (ExPro) helps students with the administrative process and getting validation for ECTS credits. These internships can be related to all aspects of bioscience engineering and are fully tailored to the interests of the candidate. You don’t have to be a member of IAAS to partake in an internship!

Also, IAAS organises many local events:

  • Lectures, debates
  • Tradefairs
  • Soft skills trainings by certified trainers
  • Movie nights
  • Company tours
  • Breakfast action

Feel free to join these activities, member or not! The easiest way to stay updated about our upcoming events is to follow our Facebook page IAAS Leuven.

Finally, we also organise many international events mostly for our members, such as world congresses (WoCo), international conferences, sub-regional meetings (SRM), European Directors Meeting (EDM), ExCo meetings, exchange weeks… They are very fun and eye-opening experiences. They are also a great way to travel around Europe and create new connections.

If you want to get to know us better, follow an internship or want to become part of our team, you can come talk to us at our activities, send an email to iaas.verantwoordelijke@lbk.be for general info or iaas.expro@lbk.be for internships, or check our Facebook pages:

We hope to meet you soon!

The IAAS team ‘20-’21

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