Welcome to LBK international!

What is LBK?

LBK stands for ‘Landbouwkring’ and is the official student union of the faculty of bio-science engineering (we have over 1600 members). We represent students of our faculty in educational meetings, organise a lot of fun activities and strengthen relationships with companies of our field. The day-to-day operation is governed by the praesidium: a group of volunteers who are passionate in making life in Leuven as amazing as possible for local and international students. The praesidium is separated in different committees: LBK culture, LBK sports, LBK Baarr, LBK activities, LBK logistics, LBK business relations, LBK international etc. If you love meeting new people, learning new skills and organising activities, you can of course join a committee. However, you can always just join the activities we organise and have an amazing time.

What is LBK international?

LBK international is a committee of LBK that welcomes international students at our faculty and encourages local students to go abroad.

Facebook group: If you click

you will be guided to our Facebook group which you can join and where we will keep you up to date on everything that’s happening on and around our campus. If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask them in the group.

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