LBK now offers limited edition merchandise for the real fans. Below you will find the catalogue, you can order items through the form behind the button at the bottom of the page. You can choose a payment method (transfer, Bonsai or cash) in this form. Orders can be collected in the Gnorgl (address: Geldenaaksebaan 2 Heverlee), see below for the collection moments. Mind, you can only come to collect your items if you have ordered and payed them.

Get ’em while the stock lasts!

Beer glass with LBK shield

For a real bioscience engineer beer tastes best in a glass with an LBK shield on it!

Price with membership card:          € 7
Price without membership card:    € 10

Beer mug with LBK shield

For those who think a glass isn’t fancy enough, we also have a ceramic beer pot! 

Price with membership card:          € 10
Price without membership card:    € 15

Combo beer glass and mug

For the most hardcore of LBK fans we offer a reduction if the glass and the mug are bought together

Price with membership card:          € 15
Price without membership card:    € 20

LBK face mask

Would you like to be as stylish and corona-proof as our treasurer Jeroen? Then our LBK face mask is a must-have!

Price with membership card:          € 4
Price without membership card:    € 5

LBK scarf

Maybe the 24 Hour Run is cancelled this year, but the cold of the winter is still gonna show up at some point!

Price with membership card:          € 5
Price without membership card:    € 6

LBK headband

For if you want to show how big an LBK fanboy or -girl you are even while jogging

Price with membership card:          € 5
Price without membership card:    € 6

Collection moments

Monday 12/10 from 3 till 6 PM
Tuesday 13/10 from 3 till 6 PM
Wednesday 14/10 from 3 till 6 PM
Thursday 15/10 from 3 till 6 PM

If our merchandise isn’t sold out after the week of 12/10, more collection moments will be scheduled in the following weeks.