Syllabus service

Syllabus Service during second semester 2020-2021

Good news! The syllabus service will open again in the first week of the second semester. We will work with timeslots, beginning on Sunday 7/02 at 12u, you can subscribe.

We are open at least once per week, so don’t panic if you can’t come the first week.

See you then!

At the syllabus service you can buy certain handbooks, syllabi and slides. We also sell handbooks that you can buy at Acco, but at a better price (even when accounting for the reduction you receive with your Acco membership card!). Keep in mind that we do not sell all handbooks and syllabi, for some courses you will have to go to Acco in any case. The slides and syllabi we sell are sent to us by the professors, and get them printed for you. These slides and syllabi are not available at Acco. You can also buy lab coats, codices, bike lights, LBK sweaters and dissection kits at the syllabus service.

Opening hours: second term 2020-2021

The opening hours for the second term will be announced begin February. The opening hours are also available on the site of the Syllabus service ( 

Before you can come to collect your syllabi and other things you have to order them online. This is important because we have to make an estimation of the amount of syllabi that need to be printed. The deadline for ordering is 16 September, but missing it is not necessarily a problem. We always order more than needed, but if too many people ordered too late you might need to wait some longer for your syllabi to be available (people who ordered in time will always receive their syllabi on time). Below we explain how to order things at the syllabus service step by step.

  • Click the button ‘To the syllabus service’ at the top of this page.
  • Click ‘Login’ at the top of the page and log in with your Toledo details. Under ‘Language’ you can switch the site language to English if necessary.
  • Open the tab ‘Studies’ and choose your study. Add other subjects if necessary. 
  • At the bottom of the ‘Complete’ tab, click ‘Book Textbooks’
  • Make your order by clicking the ‘+’ on the items that you want to order and checkout by clicking ‘Book’.
  • Finalize your order by clicking ‘Book textbooks’.

Keep in mind that orders can only be placed starting on 7 September. Check the syllabus service frequently for any new syllabi that might have been added.

When we know the exact price of all handbooks and syllabi (after they have been delivered) you will receive an e-mail containing your total amount due and the account number to which you can transfer this amount. Keep the payment receipt, as you will need to show it when you come to collect your items at the syllabus service.

The syllabus service is located in the cellar (level 91) of the LBI (the main faculty building), in the hall behind the old wooden door at the bicycle parking at the front side of the building. But beware, this door serves only as the exit  of the syllabus service! To ensure a smooth passage of people we implemented the rule of one-way traffic: you enter the syllabus service through the door at the bicylce parking on the courtyard and you leave through the previously mentioned door. The plan below clarifies the situation for people who are unfamiliar with the LBI.

(Green dot = entrance, red dot = exit, Cursusdienst = syllabus service)

At the start of the academic year you can buy LBK membership cards at the syllabus service. This membership grants you a discount on your syllabi and at some LBK events. You can buy an LBK membership card together with your syllabi, it is displayed as “Membership”.At the start of the academic year, you can purchase a LBK membershipcard. It isn’t obligated to purchase this, except if you are a part of the presidium. You have to be an official member of LBK when you are a member of the presidium. There are a lot of benefits associated with this card (see below). You can buy an LBK membership card together with your syllabi, it is displayed as “Membership”. For the students that are on Erasmus for the moment, there will be a sales moment in the second semester.

The benefits:

– You get discount at Color Image (printshop): as a LBK member, you pay €0,03 per side to print in black/white in stead of €0,10-0,04 per side as a non-member (depending on the number of pages). Now you can still place an order on their site and collect it in the shop.

– You get a discount on your order at the syllabus service: 5% on paper syllabi and 7% on books

– Also LBK activities, like TD’s and cantusses are cheaper for members

– On our limited edition merchandise ( you also get a discount as a member

When can I start ordering my syllabi? Freshmen can order their syllabi starting from 7 September, for other years we will make the site ready as soon as possible.

No price is mentioned with a syllabus I want to buy, does that mean it’s free? Only scrap paper and bags are free at the syllabus service. The prices of syllabi and handbooks are only displayed once they have been delivered to us.

I haven’t received an e-mail for my payment yet, is this normal? If you ordered on time you will receive this mail eventually, in the worst case only a day beforehand. So be sure to check your inbox and spam folder frequently. Don’t come to the syllabus service if you haven’t paid yet.

Is it obligatory to buy everything I need at the syllabus service? There is no obligation to buy anything at the syllabus service, but if you ordered something we expect you to come collect it.

When is the syllabus service opened? This is mentioned at the top of the page. The syllabus service has opening moments during the whole term, but these moments become less frequent as the semester progresses.

Do you have a question that is not answered in the FAQ or elsewhere on this page? Then mail your question or problem together with your r-number to