Young Graduate Program Arvesta

Explore what really makes you tick in various assignments across multiple departments. Serving several brands of Arvesta, a 100% Belgian company with international strongholds. During a 16-month journey, you will discover your field of expertise… in the field, our production sites, logistics center or HQ. You will discover Arvesta’s various specialized businesses in either Marketing, Supply Chain, Sales, Retail or Central Services. You will be project lead in consecutively three projects that are defined by our business owners. During those projects, you will be supported by your team members for the implementation of the project, by HR for your personal development & by our ExCom as your project sponsor. 

Whether you are working on marketing campaigns or business projects, your impact is guaranteed. At the Arvesta headquarters in Leuven, or for one of our 40+ leading brands in Belgium, France, the Netherlands & Germany.  

More info? Check our webpage! 

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